'Spiderman' arrested after scaling building in Manila

Alain Robert climbs the GT Tower in Manila captured on video by people inside the building on Jan. 29 2019

Alain Robert climbs the GT Tower in Manila captured on video by people inside the building on Jan. 29 2019

A French urban climber known as the "French Spiderman", Alain Robert, has been arrested after he was spotted climbing a highrise building in Makati, Philippines, on Tuesday morning.

Chief Inspector Gideon Ines Jr, assistant chief of police for operations of Makati City, said the management of GT Tower is suing Robert for scaling the 47-story building on Tuesday, January 29.

One video shows the blonde, 105-pound Frenchman apparently resting on a ledge before swinging his legs over the edge-to audible gasps-before continuing his descent.

Famed French freeclimber Alain Robert's most recent ascent - up one of Manila's tallest buildings - provoked thrills among passers-by, as well as a police response that ended in a number of charges. "I already knew that climbing was for me as important as eating or breathing", he said. "I need that. It keeps me alive", he told reporters after completing the climb.

He was being held on a charge of public disturbance and was awaiting a decision from prosecutors on bail.

When asked why he did so, Roberts said he just wants to make people happy.

'They trust me. They think I am capable to succeed each time I am doing something, but at the end of the day it is still a bit scary for sure. "They will remember that their whole life", he said.

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'For most of the people I am an inspiring person. His official count stands at 121 with his climb of the Cayan Tower in Dubai on April 12, 2015. People quickly recognized the man as France's very own 'Spiderman, ' Alain Robert.

"Because his climb, although he did not enter the building - he climbed, it's a private property".

Many of Robert's climbs are not sanctioned, and some break the law. He has been arrested numerous times for his exploits.

Mr Robert has climbed landmarks including the Burj Khalifa (2011), Eiffel Tower (1996), the Sydney Opera House (1997) and the Montparnasse Tower (1995) as well as other of the world's tallest skyscrapers. He got to the top in 6 hours 13 minutes 55 seconds. He was arrested for climbing without a permit as soon as he descended.

Alain Robert climbs a 33-floor building in Jakarta on November 12, 2008.

However in June he was foiled when he attempted to ascend a Seoul skyscraper, getting more than half way up the 123-storey Lotte World Tower before security forced him to abort.

Robert has suffered severe falls while climbing and told AFP he estimates he's been left 66 per cent disabled from these accidents.

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