Weezer Drop Surprise Black Sabbath 'Paranoid' Cover

Weezer dropped their latest album

Weezer dropped their latest album"The Teal Album this week

Much like Weezer's by-the-book recreation of "Africa", the songs on the "Teal" album are almost identical versions of the originals - Rivers Cuomo's voice is about the only indication that you're not listening to the actual bands that first penned the tracks.

You can listen to Weezer's "Paranoid" cover above, along with all 10 covers songs in the Spotify playlist below.

The rock band took the momentum from their cover of Toto's "Africa" and turned it into an entire album of covers that they dropped at the stroke of midnight on Thursday morning. Weezer put a whole new spin on the beloved song, and it's getting some mixed reviews from fans. "No Scrubs already had vast comedic value and being covered by Weezer just makes it infinitely better", someone tweeted.

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"I'm listening to the No Scrubs cover and Weezer needs to be stopped y'all".

"The ultimate cover collection with songs from Toto, Tears For Fears, Eurythmics, A-ha, The Turtles, Black Sabbath, Electric Light Orchestra, TLC, Michael Jackson and Ben E King". If it leads to more weird music videos like this, go for it, guys! Weezer shared. "No, it's not The Black Album - that's coming on March 1".

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