Ariana Grande Matches Beatles Billboard Record

Eric Liebowitz  NBC

Eric Liebowitz NBC

The TNT Boys performed "And I Am Telling You" on CBS' "The Late Late Show with James Corden".

James was thrilled to invite the boys back to the show to talk about their experience on the reality competition, calling the trio his 'favorite new boy band on the planet Earth'.

Are you ready to see the cutest thing you'll see all day?

"I'm obsessed with you guys".

"And I was like, I thought, 'Ugh, I'm huge in the Philippines'. That was so attractive", Ariana told the three.

James then asked them, "You adore Ariana Grande, what is it you love about her?"

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The boys didn't know that Ariana was already backstage, watching them on the monitor. She said, "My mom and I were driving around listening to the Beatles all day and I was, like, this is insane".

The boys waved and said hi, thinking that Ariana might be watching at her house.

Although the 3 looked shocked, they continued to sing with Ariana and even got the chance to hug her after their performance.

Francis nearly knelt down the stage upon seeing his idol. The TNT Boys, however, couldn't contain their excitement and freaked out when they saw her. She later admitted she was nervous to actually sing with them, and expressed that they found the trio "incredible".

Francis then asked, "Is this a dream?"

She still has a little way to go to break the Fab Four's record though.

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