Ceferin reelected as UEFA President

Gianni Infantino has been in charge of Fifa since 2016

Gianni Infantino has been in charge of Fifa since 2016

UEFA is still waiting for more details on FIFA's ambitious plans for two new global competitions, almost one year after they were first aired, the President of European soccer's ruling body said Thursday.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin had been keen for Spain to be represented on the Executive Committee and, in 2018, invited Juan Luis Larrea to stand and present his own candidacy.

While long-standing UEFA-FIFA tensions have continued with these leaders, both first elected in 2016, Ceferin spoke warmly of another ally.

Ceferin, who began his term as president in 2016 as permanent successor to Michel Platini, was voted in by acclamation from the delegates of the 55 member associations of UEFA.

As UEFA president, Ceferin is also ensured of a vice-president post within world governing body Federation Internationale de Football Association.

"A clear message: while the two of us continue to lead our respective organisations, there will be no Super League".

The Slovenian lawyer says "we have to have in mind presumption of innocence".

Manafort continued Ukraine work in 2018, prosecutors say
He was found guilty on five counts of tax fraud, one count of failing to disclose his foreign bank accounts and two counts of bank fraud, in August.

Late a year ago UEFA confirmed plans to bring back a third European club competition from 2021/22, which would have 32 teams mainly from smaller member associations.

Other key Ceferin targets through 2023 are a European bidder winning the 2030 World Cup hosting rights and updating the financial fair play rules which monitor club finances.

"By respecting the football pyramid, by respecting our sport's institutions and history, by respecting the principle of competitions that are open to everyone, without exception, by respecting the promotion and relegation system that lies at the heart of our sporting culture.you remain great clubs in the world's eyes".

"We will make football fairer, we will adapt the FFP rules to establish a new European balance: the initial objectives of FFP have been achieved. finances are healthier than ever". "My answer is no", said Ceferin.

"Are Manchester City and PSG too big to be sanctioned?" "Any club that violates any regulations will be sanctioned".

Ceferin defended his record since taking over with his most notable achievement being the introduction of term limits for UEFA presidents, to a maximum of three four-year stints.

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