‘Coward’ Steve Harvey SLAMMED For Mo’Nique Interview!

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Steve Harvey might not count himself an ally to Mo'Nique's cause, but make no mistake about it, the comedienne is 100% welcome to the idea of a high profile joust, especially coming from someone who knows her all too well.

Harvey then referenced that moment on stage, which she called, 'a lovely moment, ' adding she didn't regret one moment of that night on stage, which Harvey strongly disagreed with. So what is it that you're going to school me on?

"This problem that you had at Netflix are rich people problems, because they're looking at us saying 'you're talking about millions, well, you go this, so you outta be cool". He also told Mo'Nique, "When you tell the truth, you have to deal with the repercussions of the truth". In January 2018, Mo'Nique called for a Netflix boycott "for gender bias and color bias" after the streaming giant offered her $500,000 for a comedy special - just a small amount compared to the millions Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle each earned, as she shared on Twitter and Instagram.

In February 2015, Mo'Nique told Hollywood Reporter she was blacklisted by Daniels after reportedly being labeled as "difficult" while shooting "Precious".

He continued, "These people owe you an apology". "We Black out here". We can't come out here and do it any way we want to. Your husband can't be the Sidney that he really is out here. This ain't a Black man's game, this ain't a white man's game.

Well, that episode is set to air this afternoon, and a couple of previews of their intense conversation have been released. "Before the money game, it's called the integrity game and we've lost the integrity anxious about the money".

The interview got even more heated when Mo'Nique said she was about integrity.

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He added that if he 'crumbles, ' his kids and grandkids crumble and he can't let, 'everyone crumble so I can make a statement'. "There are ways to win the war in a different way".

For Mo'Nique's part, she maintained on her "Open Relationship" podcast that the friends of more than two decades found hilarity in the report about their squabble.

During an interview on Harvey's Steve talk show on Wednesday, the 51-year-old actress said she and her husband and manager, Sidney Hicks, "got labeled as hard because I said one word and that was 'No'".

"It got so big and so insane that when me and Steve talked, we both bust out laughing", Mo'Nique explained a week ago.

Meanwhile, viewers have begun taking sides.

"I met Monique, and she was really sweet and kindhearted". I hate what they're saying that's not true.

"Steve it's still America and no one in the industry will stand up to the Hollywood industry like Jada Smith". "The difficulty came when people that look like me, like Oprah, Tyler, Lee Daniels - and I gotta put my brother Steve [Harvey] on the list - y'all knew I was not wrong".

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