Don't negotiate with Labour over customs union, senior Tory Brexiteers tell May

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The political manoeuvring comes amid strong signs that uncertainty over Brexit is already clamping down on Britain's economic growth. I think that some of the ideas that the prime minister has mentioned in the House of Commons do seem sensible. Mr Starmer said his plan was necessary to put a "hard stop" to Mrs May "running down the clock" before the March 29 deadline.

His remarks to reporters came after talks with EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.

Liam Fox, the worldwide trade secretary, described Labour's plan as a risky delusion and warned that it was "not workable", while Boris Johnson accused Jeremy Corbyn of trying to trap the government in a toxic Brexit.

Communities Secretary James Brokenshire said Sunday that parliament would get another chance to pass judgment on May's Brexit plan "by no later than February 27".

With just six weeks to go before Britain's scheduled departure from the European Union on March 29, Fox dismissed the chances of another popular vote that could overturn Brexit and also dismissed ideas put forward by opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Mrs May said: "It is good to see that we agree that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union with a deal and that the urgent task at hand is to find a deal that honours our commitments to the people of Northern Ireland, can command support in Parliament and can be negotiated with the EU - not to seek an election or second referendum". He said Mrs May's agreement would achieve most of Mr Corbyn's goals without preventing independent trade deals.

"I'm certain of one thing, is that it's not going to be as good as if they had not been Brexit, that is for sure", Lagarde said.

This is despite Mr Corbyn repeatedly saying there should be a general election if Mrs May can not get a deal through Parliament.

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Prime Minister Theresa May leaves a church near High Wycombe, Britain February 10, 2019.

Time pressure is mounting.

European Union leaders have turned down Mrs May's plea to renegotiate parts of the legally binding Brexit withdrawal bill, making the no-deal outcome more likely even though both sides believe it would harm their economies. "There needs to be a day when Parliament says, "That's it, enough is enough".

But Downing Street announced the statement has been brought forward to give parliament a couple of days to consider it before Thursday's Commons debate.

Britain's economic slowdown should not be blamed entirely on Brexit, British Trade Minister Liam Fox said on Monday after data showed the economy past year grew at its slowest since 2012.

The Office for National Statistics said the British economy grew by a quarterly rate of only 0.2 percent during the fourth quarter, down from the 0.6 percent uptick recorded in the previous three-month period.

But in the case of a "no-deal" Brexit, those agreements will no longer apply to Swiss-British relations, and the new bilateral trade agreement between the two countries will kick in.

"Or the only way to break the impasse is to have a public vote, and that remains our policy". The new pledge would be for a repeat of this process by February 27.

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