Feds reportedly investigating Ryan Adams over sexts with teen

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore

A total of seven women and more than a dozen associates are speaking out against the musician for "manipulative behavior in which Adams dangled career opportunities while simultaneously pursuing female artists for sex", according to the report. Initially, according to The Times, the messages focused on the teenager's musical talent.

'If people knew they would say I was like R Kelly lol, ' he said in on text.

She said she was 14 when Adams first made contact with her in 2013.

Moore now stars in one of television's highest rated dramas, "This Is Us". Moore married Adams at age 25 in 2009 and was married to him for six years before officially divorcing him in 2016. Ava recounted several instances in which Adams' interactions became sexual nature; she specially cited a Skype session in which he appeared on-screen naked. She hasn't released an album since. She was an aspiring bass player, and Adams offered to produce her music.

"He would always tell me, 'You're not a real musician, because you don't play an instrument, '" the "Tangled" star said.

"His controlling behavior essentially did block my ability to make new connections in the industry during a very pivotal and potentially lucrative time - my entire mid-to-late 20s", Moore said in the article. On Thursday, Brettler told the Times that he had not been contacted by law enforcement.

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"I also had a traumatizing experience with Ryan Adams", Elson wrote. I'm encouraged that many women have bonded and helped each other heal. But this isn't love.

It's reported that Adams was furious when the Times piece came out and posted an unfaltering critique of the Times and what might be done with shredded paper: "kitty litter".

According to The Times, the women who came forward with accusations against Adams felt similarly alone until they discovered others who described their relationship with Adams similarly.

Furthermore, The Times accused the ex-husband of Mandy Moore of asking for sexually provocative photos from Ava, and also referred to some of her body parts with what they called, "pet names". I support all the women who are coming forward to share their experiences of trauma and abuse.

'I never see pics of you anymore.

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