Fortnite How to Unlock Prisoner Skin

Fortnite How to Unlock Prisoner Skin

Fortnite How to Unlock Prisoner Skin

If you still have not unlocked The Prisoner and Padlock, you will need to complete 60 of the challenges available in this season's battle pass.

Fortnite's Snowfall Skin was revealed earlier this week, but like some skins within the game, it has a multitude of stages which can be unlocked to change the look of the skin.

Players looking to unlock the second stage of the outfit will need to head to the castle located at Polar Peak. Each season there is a secret skin that can't be seen or unlocked until a player completes a certain number of weekly challenges.

This will only unlock stage two of the skin, which admittedly isn't all that impressive, but you will need to go in order if you want to fully unleash the Snowfall character. Unfortunately for players looking to find all of the keys locations in Fortnite in order to unlock all of the Snowfall Prisoner skin stages, only the key for the second stage is now available to find with the locations of the other keys now unknown. Make your way to Polar Peak and enter the castle.

We will be sure to keep you updated on when we locate the item to unlock stage 3 of the Snowfall Prisoner skin in Fortnite!

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If not, just head over to the Polar Peak area and head to the tall tower in northern-most part of the area. Once you're here the Prisoner Key will be on the table show in the image.

New for week 10, the campfire marked on the map below is the one you will need to interact with (while wearing the Prisoner skin) to unlock Stage 3.

You can find the first of the locations for one of the Fortnite Snowfall Prisoner skin stages keys at the Polar Peak castle below.

The second Prisoner Key in Fortnite is going to be located at the campfire on the big hill in the desert area. This big mound in the desert will now have a campfire there.

If you're heading to this location anytime soon, be prepared to encounter other players trying to light the campfire. This way of unlocking selectable styles for skins is completely new to Fortnite, so it's unclear as to when the next keys will appear on the map.

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