Go retro and play some games with 60% off the PlayStation Classic

Let's face it, Sony dropped the ball with the PlayStation Classic. And just in time to surprise yourself for Valentine's by getting it.for yourself.

To say this is a great price is obvious. Many argued that was a bit on the expensive side given the game selection, system performance and compared to competing mini consoles from Nintendo. On top of that, the games list is a little unusual in that it misses some titles you'd think would be shoo-ins for a mini console like this. Beyond this, the system's emulator isn't the best and the choice to use inferior 50Hz PAL versions of some games didn't help either.

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There's good news and bad news to report regarding Sony's miniature PlayStation Classic console.

That's just scratching the surface on what went wrong, but ultimately the console felt a little half-baked. A poor reception led by a spate of bad reviews resulted in quick price drops, though, first hitting $60 just after the holidays, then near $50, and now even lower than that. Doing so is a gray area at best, but it allows you to improve the console's library significantly.

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