Google scales back Android Things IoT ambitions

Remember Google Brillo and Weave Google's first foray into an IoT platform, remember how that became Android Things?

Google said it is scaling back its Android Things ambitions to focus on consumer smart speakers and displays. This is a pretty significant change, as the supposed original intention of Android Things was to be much more open-ended.

In its blog post on the matter, Google mentions the success it's seen with its partners in the smart speaker and smart display categories. Case in point is Android Things, which is essentially Android for the Internet of Things.

Google also makes it clear in the blog post that it will continue to support hobbyist experimentation with Android Things.

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At Google and beyond, Android is typically used to refer to the operating system for smartphones.

Google's operating system for lightweight Internet of Things devices, the fittingly-named Android Things OS, was originally meant to run on a wide array of hardware.

Honestly there were never a great deal many devices built for the IoT using Android Things, at least as far as we can tell, however this speaks to Google's larger inability to execute on strategy.

As of January 25th, all four SoMs were listed as "Coming soon" on the Android Things website, so it seems unlikely that any Android Things devices ever entered production that weren't Google Assistant smart speakers or smart displays. Ironically, Google's own Home products use a custom version of its Cast platform instead.

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