Joe Scarborough: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows 'basic ignorance of Economics 101'

Joe Scarborough: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows 'basic ignorance of Economics 101'

Joe Scarborough: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows 'basic ignorance of Economics 101'

"We use our Connections program to ask associates a question every day about how we can make things even better, we develop new processes and technology to make the roles in our facilities more ergonomic and comfortable for our associates, and we investigate any allegation we are made aware of and fix things that are wrong", Amazon said in a statement to Newsweek in reference to working conditions in the company's warehouses. "We competed in and won the most hotly contested national economic development competition in the United States, resulting in at least 25,000-40,000 good paying jobs for our state and almost $30 billion dollars in new revenue to fund transit improvements, new housing, schools and countless other quality of life improvements", Cuomo said. The "greedy" company's move was forecast to create 25,000 jobs and inject billions of dollars into the economy, and had the support of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D.) and other veteran party leaders.

MSNBC's "Morning Joe" panel on Friday was unanimous in slamming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her role in pressuring Amazon to scrap plans for its second headquarters in New York City. Ocasio-Cortez insisted that he was only given the email account so he could access her calendar. It proposes updating every building in America, skyrocketing taxes, and seeking to eliminate airplanes.

"And you attach this to the Green Deal and you are handing President Trump - President Trump now gets to go, the Democrats don't want jobs".

You attach this to the Green Deal and ...

"Look at what happened in California and OR", she said, referring to rampant homelessness in those two Democrat-controlled states.

Major Airlines To Offer Non-Binary Options For Passengers
USA airlines will add more gender options for passengers who don't identify as "male" or "female", the media reported on Tuesday. The news of these new airline options for passengers comes about two years after similar advancements in drivers licenses.

Ocasio-Cortez spoke at a ceremonial swearing-in at a high school in the Bronx.

Republican strategist Susan Del Percio agreed.

She asked the crowd to do three things: to be courageous, to work alongside her and to have a relationship with her office.

"She needs to follow some of the more successful more mature members", Ms. Brzezinski said, suggesting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as an example. "I watch AOC with a lot of hope but I'm cringing, and I would love to give her some advice".

"Nice to see her adapting to the swamp so quickly", he added.

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