Kevin Feige Addresses the Timeline of Marvel’s Disney+ Series

Kevin Feige Addresses the Timeline of Marvel’s Disney+ Series

Kevin Feige Addresses the Timeline of Marvel’s Disney+ Series

Makes sense the title needed to be kept a secret, however, seeing as after punters saw Infinity War it was abundantly clear there was going to be a second-parter to this; they couldn't leave us hanging on The Snap and go to a completely fresh tale.

Speaking to Collider ahead of the release of Captain Marvel, Feige elaborated on the thinking behind that. This will be the culmination of years and years of films that have seen the introduction of many of our favorite Marvel characters as well as the infamous Infinity Stones that Thanos was after. You could argue that, as a fan, you saw this coming a mile away, but think back to those visceral reactions coming from Infinity War's opening weekend, and it looks like the secrecy paid off. In large part,'s seeded right there.

Marking a new era in the MCU and whipping up fan excitement seems ideal for Endgame's post-credits scene, considering we'll undoubtedly be saying emotional goodbyes to some of the well-loved heroes we've been watching for the past 10 years. The good news is Feige already knows when those announcements will be arriving.

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Way back when we were all champing at the bit for the release of Avengers: Infinity War (lol, and like we've stopped scrutinising every message in it since) Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige told us we'd hear nothing about the next film's title - because it was a "spoiler".

Well, we're here to tell you that this isn't going to happen and this theory is just asking to get DEBUNK'D. Captain Marvel is now tracking for an opening weekend of upwards of $100 million domestic, but as Black Panther proved a year ago when it swiped the #1 box office spot for 2018, Marvel's new and exciting titles can pack an even bigger box office punch than the epic crossover films (Infinity War took the #2 spot). Of course, it was a proud moment for Marvel Studios, which has produced many a superhero movie. While putting forward a case for a new Silver Surfer movie, the article floats the idea that the Avengers: Endgame post-credits scene could hint at characters acquired in the deal. Spider-Man: Far From Home is in theaters July 5.

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