Major Airlines To Offer Non-Binary Options For Passengers

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CC BY-SA 4.0

Major airlines in the US are planning to add a new gender option for their customers when buying tickets.

USA airlines will add more gender options for passengers who don't identify as "male" or "female", the media reported on Tuesday. It may be "undisclosed" or "unspecified" in addition to an optional title choice of "Mx", rather than "Mr" or "Mrs/Ms". One of those is a requirement that a passenger's information for an airline ticket has to match what appears on that passengers travel form of identification.

Bailey said he did not know of people with nonbinary identification being kept off planes or trains, but that fear of being stopped added to their stress. While the standard goes into effect at the beginning of June, the site said it will fall on the airlines themselves to update their booking systems with alternative gender options.

US and worldwide airline trade groups recently approved new standards to handle non-binary customers, despite the fact that the US Transportation Security Administration has stated that passengers should use the name, gender, and birth date on their government-issued IDs.

'We certainly have a very diverse customer base.

Passengers flying with airline giants such as United, American and Southwest have announced that they will be making changes to their online booking process to reflect the standard. They will also have the option of picking "Mx." as a title.

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USA and worldwide airline trade groups recently approved a new standard to handle customers with "nonbinary" IDs.

The news of these new airline options for passengers comes about two years after similar advancements in drivers licenses.

American Airlines confirmed to CNN they are working to on implementing the change to accommodate passengers.

In 2017, OR became the first state to allow a third gender option on ID documents; in addition to "male" OR "female", residents also have the option of "X" for a nonspecified gender.

The National Center for Transgender Equality called the move "a huge step forward for non-binary representation". As the Journal noted, California, Colorado, Maine, and Washington, DC also allow a third gender option for residents.

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