Mayfield, Chubb lose Pepsi Rookie of the Year

Cameron Jordan

Cameron Jordan

"Sitting there, you're just like, 'I'll take two signing bonuses, but I refuse to got to Cleveland, '" Jordan said. Actually, it was the Browns.

Florio doesn't believe Kliff Kingsbury will take Murray atop the draft, but he acknowledged it wouldn't shock him if Rosen gets moved.

Many Cleveland Browns stories seem too good to be true, but New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Cameron Jordan swears this is a real one. For an NFL team, it shouldn't be too confusing, but the Browns were in a league of their own back then.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z offer tickets for life to vegan converts
It's about getting people to understand the power we have to effect change through our food choices. Fans do not have to go completely vegan to be eligible to win.

This week in Atlanta, site of Super Bowl LIII of course, The Dan Patrick Show is introducing each guest with some joking asides to their playing or coaching resume.

They apparently called the Saints' Cameron Jordan - who had already been drafted - instead of Jordan Cameron to inform him that they were taking him in the fourth round.

"I really felt like I was going for a year straight from when the college football season ended into the draft process, playing in the Senior Bowl and all of that..." Must have been a confusing phone call for the Browns when they heard Jordan on the other side of the line. I think I've already been selected. "But if you wanna send that check, I'll take that'".

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