Minister blames Russian Federation for collapse of nuclear treaty

Minister blames Russian Federation for collapse of nuclear treaty

Minister blames Russian Federation for collapse of nuclear treaty

It said Russian Federation was violating the treaty's terms and had six months to become compliant. "U.S. experts are already saying that the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty [New START], which expires in 2021, will come next".

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made the announcement, which was widely expected. He said he expects Washington now to suspend its obligations under the treaty, although he added that Moscow remains ready to "search for solutions" that could keep the treaty in force.

What's the complaint? The US and NATO specifically are unhappy about the Novator 9M729, a land-based cruise missile with a range larger than the 500-kilometer limit set by the treaty.

"Russia has violated the agreement".

Trump said the United States was suspending its obligations as of Saturday and starting a process to withdraw in six months.

"The consequences of scrapping this agreement could put us back decades".

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Moscow would respond to the move by the USA using sophisticated Kalibr and Zircon missiles.

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The New START treaty was signed in 2010 under the administration of former President Barack Obama, updating the former START I treaty signed by President George H.W. Bush.

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Geng warned the USA decision could trigger "a series of negative consequences", echoing warnings by both Russian Federation and Europe that the pull out might lead to a new arms race.

The Trump administration said it was freeing itself from the constraints of a nuclear arms control treaty with Russian Federation. The foreign minister also raised concerns that Washington was "dramatically" lowering the "threshold for the use of nuclear weapons" while increasing "the risk of a nuclear conflict".

Trump said that on Saturday, the USA will "suspend its obligations" under the treaty, meaning it will be freed from its constraints, including the testing and deployment of missiles banned by the pact.

"A new era has begun". Other nuclear powers cited that decision as justification to enhance their own arsenals.

China's foreign ministry ruled out the possibility of negotiating a new multilateral pact that includes Beijing. He ordered the development of new land-based intermediate-range weapons, but emphasized that Russian Federation would not deploy them in the European part of the country or elsewhere unless the USA does so.

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