NBA Refs Defend Bradley Beal’s Outrageous Travel: "This Is Legal"

NBA Refs Defend Bradley Beal’s Outrageous Travel:

NBA Refs Defend Bradley Beal’s Outrageous Travel: "This Is Legal"

In other words, players are now allowed to take as many steps as they want so long as they bobble the ball in between their second and third steps.

During the Wizards' game Monday against the Pistons, Beal picked up his dribble near the free throw line and took what looked like three steps. "He then takes two legal steps, before losing control of the ball".

"Bradley Beal gathers the ball and takes two steps, but then loses control of the ball".

"The offensive player gathers with his right foot on the ground", the NBA Referees twitter account wrote. Beal took two steps following a gather step, lost control of the ball and took two more steps to get past Blake Griffin's contest, then passed the ball to Trevor Ariza.

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In a subsequent tweet, the NBRA cited an obscure "fumble" rule that states: "A player who is holding the ball and fumbles it out of his control may recover the ball".

On Tuesday morning, the NBRA said, through their Twitter account, that Beal did not travel thanks to his loss of possession.

Traveling has increasingly become a point of contention between the National Basketball Association and fans, as critics believe stars, like James Harden and LeBron James, get away with committing outrageous walking violations due to the legal ambiguity around certain step-back and hop-step moves.

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