Samsung is considering to put a camera in the S Pen

Samsung is considering to put a camera in the S Pen

Samsung is considering to put a camera in the S Pen

The patent design shows how Samsung could add a lens, image sensor inside the S Pen, which would then convert the image signal to an electrical one, and this could be controlled wirelessly or by wire by the electronic device. Samsung also added Bluetooth connectivity and a supercapacitor that charges the stylus to 30 minutes of battery life in under one minute. This camera which is going to be embedded into the styles could be operated by an external button while another button which is placed on the lower side of the Stylus will be allowing its users to zoom in and out.

A patent for the system described above was filed by Samsung in 2017, and granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office just yesterday, when it was published by the governmental regulatory body.

That is set to move further in the future with a patent approved to Samsung allowing the S Pen to hold a camera within it including optical zoom which potentially removing the need for a front facing camera and killing the notch! All you get is a clean, bezel-less, all-screen face.

Given how tiny the S Pen is, it's hard to imagine that there is enough room inside the pint-sized stylus to fit a capable shooter.

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Another possibility is that the stylus camera could be used for productivity tasks, such as optical text recognition.

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The next Galaxy Note is expected to be revealed in the second half of the year and it would be interesting to see what would Samsung do next for the upcoming S Pen. Now you might be wondering how would the user take a selfie? This way, you can quickly take shots while the phone is still in your pocket or bag.

It's unclear if/when we can expect this tech in a new smartphone (although the patent mentions support for notebooks and monitors too).

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