Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2019 includes red envelopes, bonus savings

Steam Lunar New Year Sale Offers Tokens For Rewards

Steam Lunar New Year Sale Offers Tokens For Rewards

Some of the usual suspects are there on sale like The Wither III: Wild Hunt and Rainbow Six Siege, but there are also a selection of games found through the sale's event page which highlights some of the best deals on games like Far Cry 5 and Overcooked 2.

Many games feature heavy discounts, and shoppers can earn tokens for buying titles during the sale.

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The Steam Lunar Sale is live, and players can nab themselves a one-time $5/ £5 discount on purchases of $30/ £30 or more. The first, games by Chinese developers, includes Icey ($8) and Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord ($8). Introduced is a token rewards system that allows you to redeem Steam-related bonuses. Thankfully, the Steam Lunar New Year Sale also gives USA purchasers $5 off for every $30 spent, which does add up and can potentially work well when redeeming 15,000 tokens to get an additional $5 off. It's a one-off and limited to one cart purchase per account. You'll get 100 tokens for every $1 you spend, or 111 tokens for $1 in gifts for other users. Splashing out in the store during the sale will earn players tokens that can be redeemed for additional discounts, profile badges, and more.

This year, the Steam Lunar New Year Sale is making it easier than ever to save money on PC video games that you might be lucky to finish, let alone start, in a decade's time. It's also giving away a free "red envelope" with rewards inside, and you can get tokens for your purchases.

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