Toys R U.S. plans second act under new name

Toys ‘R’ Us wants to return to the United States

Toys ‘R’ Us wants to return to the United States

Toys R Us liquidated its businesses previous year in the well as several other regions including in the United Kingdom. Thirty-five toys were part of the promotion, which featured the iconic Toys "R" Us giraffe mascot.

Toys R Us fans in the USA will see the iconic brand re-emerge in some form by this holiday season.

The emphasis will be national growth and technology, as toymakers recognize the value of Toys R Us to the industry, Barry said.

Tru Kids is still ironing out a complete business plan and exploring multiple options including stand-alone stores, pop-up shops and partnerships (possibly Amazon), according to new True Kids president and former Toys R Us chief merchandising Richard Barry.

The collapse of Toys R Us in the USA saw a massive 885 stores shut down and 30,000 jobs axed.

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Barry told The Associated Press that while he and his team are still working out all the details on when and how the brand will re-emerge, they do plan to officially relaunch in some form by this holiday season.

It plans to initially reopen stores across the U.S., while adding to its current stores across Europe and Asia which have remained open despite the collapse of the United Kingdom and USA businesses.

The company is in talks to return to the United Kingdom and Australia, where it also closed operations previous year. It will also have a domestic plan for the US and place a large emphasis on growing the brand in the United States, but the details haven't yet been announced.

LifeSite News reported in March 2018 after Toys R Us announced it would close its 735 American stores and the company pointed out that declining birth rates were a salient cause for its downfall, that in one sense the company had only itself to blame, as it had been a frequent contributor to Planned Parenthood. The company will headquartered in New Jersey, where the former business also was based. The new company has an advantage, since it doesn't have that burden.

"While I can't say today what that exact strategy is (for Toys R Us), we do know that we will have an omnichannel approach that is tech immersive and experiential with a smaller footprint". The old company struggled to maintain prices that were competitive with big box rivals such as Walmart and Target, both of which sold more toys than Toys "R" Us. Even brand loyalty and a strong rewards program couldn't save Toys R Us.

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