Usain Bolt ties National Football League record for fastest 40-yard dash

Usain Bolt put NFL players to shame – and he wasn’t even prepared. Pic Twitter  Usain BoltMore

Usain Bolt put NFL players to shame – and he wasn’t even prepared. Pic Twitter Usain BoltMore

Several sprinters have made the jump to the National Football League, including Bob Hayes who won the 100m gold medal for the United States at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, but Bolt has never indicated any interest in the sport.

Because it was a human doing a thing that involved being extremely fast, it led to questions about how Usain Bolt, the fastest person ever, would do comparatively.

Bolt, who retired from competitive sprinting following the 2017 world championships, has been looking for ways to use his speed dabbling in several sports. On Saturday, Bolt provided a clear answer to anyone who would be tempted to poke the fastest bear on the planet.

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Wearing just sweats and sneakers, Bolt casually ran a 40-yard dash as part of a promotional event with Puma, and in the process he matched the fastest time in NFL Combine history.

Back in 2017, then-NFL Draft hopeful John Ross got the chance to show off his wheels at the Combine.

For now, a 4.22 will have to be enough for fans that have waited years to see Bolt run the 40-yard dash.

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