VFX heavy movie The Wandering Earth lands on Netflix

The Wandering Earth

The Wandering Earth

Netflix, which already took military action movie "Wolf Warrior 2" for global online distribution, is doing the same for "The Wandering Earth", which has so far earned 4 billion yuan (US$600 million) in two weeks.

Netflix announced on Thursday that it bought the rights to the blockbuster to stream it in more than 190 countries and translate it into 28 languages.

He said he was surprised that the movie resonated outside the Chinese mainland. Its special effects are widely deemed as on par with some Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters, a rare achievement of a Chinese movie.

The Wandering Earth is set in the distant future and tells the story of humanity's efforts to move the Earth away from our dying Sun, which is transforming into a red giant.

The high budget film, which premiered in China, North America, Australia and New Zealand, earned RMB3.3 billion at the box office within 10 days.

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The movie, starring Qu Chuxiao and Zhao Jinmai, created a buzz in China and further afield despite featuring relatively fresh names, save the special appearance from veteran actor Wu Jing and a supporting role by Ng Man-tat.

Netflix said the post-production and special effects work on the film spanned two years.

Jerry Zhang, manager of content acquisition at Netflix, said: "Netflix is committed to providing entertainment lovers with access to a wide variety of global content".

Guo Fan, director of the film, was quoted as saying in the press release that he is glad that the movie can reach people from different parts of the world and hopes they will like it. During the 2,500 year-long journey, a group of daring heroes emerge to defend human civilization from unexpected dangers and new enemies, and to ensure the survival of humanity in this age of the wandering Earth.

Netflix has scooped up one of the most successful Chinese movies of all time, the recently-released The Wandering Earth, for an undisclosed amount, according to Boy Genius Report (BGR).

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