Watch First Trailer for Motley Crue Biopic ‘The Dirt’

The Dirt is based on based on Motley Crue's collective autobiography

The Dirt is based on based on Motley Crue's collective autobiography

And Machine Gun Kelly is now set to use both of his skills in the upcoming Netflix film about Motley Crew, The Dirt. The trailer shows the quartet's origins, Sunset Strip pre-glory glory days, its arena pinnacle and that fatal 1984 vehicle wreck during a beer run that almost cost them everything. "I had managed the Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Kiss", Costabile's McGee says in the trailer, "but I had never been through what Motley Crüe put me through". From there, you will see hotels rooms laid to waste, Vince Neil get into the drunken auto accident that claimed the life of Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle, Sixx survive a heroin overdose, Tommy Lee (Machine Gun Kelly) weather a turbulent marriage to Heather Locklear, and Mick Mars (Iwan Rheon) suffer from a debilitating bone disease.

Ozzy Osbourne will also be a character in the flick and will be played by Tony Cavalero.

This time, it's not just about any act: It's about Mötley Crüe, one of the most debaucherous rock bands to have ever graced this Earth.

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The Dirt premieres on Netflix on March 22.

Wild stuff. The Dirt was written and directed by Jeff Tremaine (best known for his work on Jackass), Rich Wilkes, and Amanda Adelson. Welcome to the first trailer for The Dirt, Netflix's biopic of the L.A. glam metal band based on its best-selling memoir.

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