Batman Makes A Cameo (Sort Of) In DC's Joke-Filled 'Shazam!' Trailer

Batman Makes A Cameo (Sort Of) In DC's Joke-Filled 'Shazam!' Trailer

Batman Makes A Cameo (Sort Of) In DC's Joke-Filled 'Shazam!' Trailer

What do you think about the second Shazam trailer?

Endgame all hit theaters within the same six months, it's hard to imagine any superhero attempting to compete - least of all Shazam.

But don't worry, Batman still makes a brief cameo.

Super strength, electricity manipulation, and hyper-speed? While it is saved by the superhero in the nick of time, all the people in the bus could have died for no reason.

That is the only scene that has bothered me about the film. And no, Shazam being a kid is no excuse.

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It's not all fun though for Batson: Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, a villain, is coming to town to stir up some trouble.

The DCEU hasn't exactly been a barrel of laughs thus far (remember when Superman snapped Zod's neck?), but Shazam! isn't too interested in brooding - it's here to lighten the mood, and Zachary Levi looks like he's having the time of his life living a teenaged dream. Those days are no more (give or take a Justice League): Wonder Woman was a blast, Aquaman had an octopus drummer and Patrick Wilson screaming about being the Ocean Master, and even the official plot summary for Shazam! notes that it's set within the DC Universe, but has its own "own distinctly fun, family-centric tone". It is about an orphan called Billy Batson upon whom a wizard called Shazam bestows his powers which enables the former to transform into an adult superhero called Shazam, by just saying the word "Shazam". It breakout Jack Dylan Grazer plays Billy's best friend Freddy Freeman. The good news? That approach seems to be the correct one for the story of a young boy who's given the power to turn into a superhero when he utters a special word.

The film has a lot of humour, mostly derived from the children's joy and delight at Billy's newfound superpowers.

Billy also uses his new adult form to purchase beer from a convenience store.

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