Brie Larson reveals why she was ‘so SCARED’ about playing Captain Marvel

Brie Larson reveals why she was ‘so SCARED’ about playing Captain Marvel

Brie Larson reveals why she was ‘so SCARED’ about playing Captain Marvel

Despite marking the studio's first solo outing with a female superhero, the result feels like one of Marvel's lesser lights - a dutiful cog in its vaunted cinematic universe as opposed to any sort of breakthrough.

While no details are known, according to the rumor, the character of Ms. Marvel will be introduced in Captain Marvel 2. Brie Larson's Carol Danvers is going to make her debut in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie and later, she will join the rest of the Avengers in the most-awaited Endgame movie. Akira Akbar is instantly endearing as Maria's whip-smart daughter Monica. A ideal combination of sense of humour and smarts, you immediately warm to someone who disarmingly growls at a perplexed bad guy before sending them flying with a glowing fist, or who doesn't hesitate in putting those around her in their place; man, woman, or Skrull. It's 1995, and her memory is tickling with hints that she has been here before. And Jude Law is a Kree soldier who is as noble as he is predictable. She can fly, shoot photon beams from her hands and even walk through walls. In that way, he's nearly more insidious a villain than any of Carol's overt enemies. As a bonus, along with all the humor of Carol Danvers that we find in the comic book script, we have a hero who captures the complete package of what it means to be human, a powerful woman and a woman. There is a vibe resonating in almost every scene that the entire cast and crew were aware that they were making something they believed in, and believed would be enjoyable, and that energy is palpable in the final product. Amnesiac Carol is largely happy in her new life until a botched mission brings the war between the Kree and their shape-shifting arch-enemies, the Skrull, to Earth in the mid-Nineties. "I want you to be the best version of yourself", he blathers.

Angie Han over at Mashable has a cooler take on the film. The visual effects teams marshal their legions to create passable spectacle when required.

All that being said, Captain Marvel still doesn't solve the origin story issue that has plagued every superhero film thus far, whether they be from the DCEU or Marvel. Larson and Jackson have great buddy chemistry on screen, and Carol and Fury's friendship is entertaining to watch develop.

Woe is the origin story.

"It's got a full tank of gas too, just for the record". Sure she discovers truths along the way, but she's the same snarky, self-satisfied fighter at the end as she is at the beginning - albeit with a little more pep in her step.

Brie Larson reveals why she was ‘so SCARED’ about playing Captain Marvel

In 2007, Jackson and Larson worked together in the animated film, Farce of the Penguins. After conquering the trolls and taming the internet, she'll have no trouble winning over the world. There are several lulls, especially in the first act.

Boden said at the roundtable: "This is the first time we have written or directed a movie about a character that so many people already have so many feelings about". There's a fight scene near the end, set in outer space, that is reminiscent of Christopher Reeve's heroics in "Superman", only bigger and faster - but at no time do the filmmakers lose Larson's humanity and ferocity amid the spectacle. As Carol's knowledge of her own backstory grows, her strength and determination to be the hero she realizes is inside emerges.

"I will never hate a movie with an orange cat".

Brie - whose real name is Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers - swept back her platinum blonde hair into a chic bun and kept her subtle makeup focused on her flawless complexion. Lynch manages to ground the movie with a serious and poignant throughline and flawless counterbalance to Carol's brash heroics and her sometimes slapstick buddy-cop relationship with Fury.

Likewise, IGN's Meg Downey believed that Captain Marvel had its flaws.

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