Editorial cartoons for March 31, 2019: Mueller report, Special Olympics, Obamacare

Editorial cartoons for March 31, 2019: Mueller report, Special Olympics, Obamacare

Editorial cartoons for March 31, 2019: Mueller report, Special Olympics, Obamacare

Baldwin as Trump said. The cold open follows that exact pattern, with Mueller (recurring guest star Robert DeNiro) commenting on part of the report, Barr (Aidy Bryant) badly mistranslating it and Trump (Alec Baldwin, obviously) celebrating obnoxiously. Attorney General William Barr's four-page summary of the report said the special counsel did not find there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation.

"Weekend Update" on "SNL" also addressed the completion of Mueller's report, with hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost reacting to Barr's summary of the report and President Trump's comments during a campaign-style rally in MI this week.

Hanson began by declaring as "fact" that the Mueller report will eventually be released, but insisted that "hysterical" people made special counsel Robert Mueller "into a saint" while the investigation was underway but have now made Barr "into a sinner" over the lack of transparency thus far about Mueller's findings.

Alec Baldwin made his return to SNL as well, delivering the screaming manic impression of President Trump that he's perfected over the last two years. Trump then summons Kate McKinnon's Rudy Giuliani like a demon from the crypt - yikes - before signing off Twitter with self-congratulatory hashtags like "President Invincible", "Ten More Years" and "FDR, But With Legs".

'On the charge of obstruction of justice, we have not drawn a definitive conclusion, ' De Niro as Mueller says.

USA prosecutors drop charges against actor Jussie Smollett, stirring controversy
Nonetheless, Chicago's mayor and police department still clearly believe that Smollett orchestrated the hoax in question. Within days, police said the brothers were considered suspects in the attack. 'We stand behind the work that they did.

Trump, finally, chimes in: 'Somebody once told me the world was go to roll me I am the sharpest tool in the shed'.

'And all of my mind games worked. "If you want to know what my mind games were, you have to ask the family of goblins who live in my head and holds open my eyes".

US President Donald Trump arrives at Palm Beach International Airport in Florida on March 22, 2019.

"Yours in eternal darkness, Rudolph Giuliani".

SNL Trump was in his glory, crowing, "Guess what?" The show had an opportunity to take on the Mueller report however it chose.

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