F1 moves closer to approving point for fastest lap

F1 plans to introduce fastest lap point	
				Image by Glenn Dunbar  LAT

F1 plans to introduce fastest lap point Image by Glenn Dunbar LAT

Formula One is poised to reintroduce a point for the fastest lap during a grand prix from this season.

The next step is for an e-vote of the F1 Commission on Monday, that comprises representatives from the teams, sponsors, engine manufacturers, tyre supplier Pirelli, the circuits and the FIA.

According to multiple reports, the extra point would only be awarded to a driver who finishes in the top 10 of the classification.

Awarding a point for pole position was also considered, but rejected to avoid the possibility of the outcome of the world championship being decided during qualifying on a Saturday, rather than during the race on Sunday.

Some fans have been clamouring for a rule such as this to be introduced for a number of years now, and it could add a bit of extra excitement to the latter stages of each grand prix this year.

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It wouldn't be the first time the driver setting the fastest race lap has been awarded points, for the practice was used between the inaugural season of F1 in 1950 and continued until 1959.

The new sporting rule will now need to be endorsed by the F1 Commission through an e-vote in order for it to be included in Formula 1's 2019 Sporting Regulations.

A look back at the history books even tells us that the scheme allowed Mike Hawthorn to beat Stirling Moss to the world title in 1958.

In modern times, Brazilian Felipe Massa would have been 2008 champion for Ferrari instead of Lewis Hamilton for McLaren on fastest laps.

This avoids situations where a backmarker pits at the end of the race for new tyres with the sole goal of setting the fastest lap. However, if fastest-lap points had been awarded that year then both teams would likely have done more to have won them.

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