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Facebook Lets Users Search for All Active Ads That Pages Are Running

Facebook Lets Users Search for All Active Ads That Pages Are Running

"We will be using a combination of automated systems and user reporting to enforce this policy", he said. Facebook will demand documents from each advertiser and use other "technical checks" to confirm their identity and location.

Any advertising not properly registered will be blocked from mid-April, the social network warned.

"But we believe that they will help prevent future interference in elections on Facebook".

"I don't want anyone to be in any doubt that this is a top priority for the company", Richard Allan, a senior Facebook executive, told press in a video-conference.

Facebook said Thursday it's rolling out improved and expanded transparency measures for political elections, including an Ad Library with public data on ads run on any of its platforms, including Instagram.

The Russian state is engaging in "subtle and insidious" disinformation campaigns that aim to "weaken America's commitment to Europe" and "exploit the open market of ideas in our democracy", the US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland has said.

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The Turkish leader also repeated his demand the central bank cut interest rates to help curb inflation that is still in double digits.

Facebook is also making improvements to a database that stores ads for seven years, including widening access so that election regulators and watchdog groups can analyze political or issue ads. However, more details about the group, such as its composition, leader or funders are unavailable, and have been a source of intense speculation. This will provide users with information regarding who is paying for an ad and, if it's a business or organisation, their contact details.

With the election due to take place in May, the social network has said any advertisers in the European Union will undergo tighter checks, which will require documents confirming their identity and location to be submitted, amid fears of foreign interference.

Political ads in the EU are to be labelled as having been "paid for by" and restricted to their home countries, U.S. tech giant Facebook has said in its bid to clamp down on abuse ahead of European Parliament (EP) elections in May. If a page with a large reach runs political or issues ads in countries where the transparency tool is available, you'll also see the page manager's location.

Announced first in January the changes are designed, the company says, to prevent online advertising from being used for foreign interference and increase transparency around all forms of political and issue advertising.

The EU has already reported on steps taken by the platforms to comply with the code, and the initial findings have sparked concern.

The new Ad Library is also adding more information about Pages, including their creation date, previous Page merges, and name changes.

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