Google cracked down on 2.3 billion bad ads previous year

Google Ads’ Smart Segmentation Feature Can Identify Users Who are Most Likely to Buy

Google Ads’ Smart Segmentation Feature Can Identify Users Who are Most Likely to Buy

For the first time since ever - Google has blocked less fraudulent ads than it did the year before - but that's a good thing.

That comes out to over six million bad ads per day!

Usually, the number of fraudulent ads (those that advertise fraudulent activity, spread malware or something similar) that Google blocks on a yearly basis rises, year-over-year.

Google took down 2.3 billion "bad ads" in 2018, according to its annual report on actions it took to address policy violations on its ad platforms.

Google Ads’ Smart Segmentation Feature Can Identify Users Who are Most Likely to Buy

"In aggregate, 3ve produced more than 10,000 counterfeit domains, and generated over 3 billion daily bid requests at its peak", the blog reads. The company also removed ads from almost 28 million webpages and 1.5 million apps.

Google also terminated its relationship with nearly one million bad advertiser accounts and almost 734,000 publishers and app developers - close to double the amount from 2017.

It banned bail bond ads effective July 2018 and restricted ads for addiction treatment services to those certified by LegitScript (after suspending them in 2017). The company removed more than 531,000 ads for bail bonds a year ago. Google said this included 207,000 ads for ticket resellers, over 531,000 ads for bail bonds and about 58.8 million phishing ads. For example, the company now bans ads promoting addiction treatment services unless the advertiser is a addiction treatment provider. That's about double the number as past year, Scott Spencer, Google's director of sustainable ads, said in a blog post.

Google also launched election ads policies in the US ahead of the midterm elections a year ago and created a political ads transparency report to provide more information about who bought election ads. The company said it was able to "take more granular action" by cutting ads from almost 28m pages that violated its publisher policies. The real challenge going forward, judging by Google's updated policies, is keeping up with the evolving ways of these malicious actors.

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