Google's Lookout app helps the blind explore their surroundings

Google Lookout App for Visually Challenged Now Available for Pixel Phones in US

Google Lookout App for Visually Challenged Now Available for Pixel Phones in US

The AI-powered app, which has been undergoing testing since it was originally announced in May 2018, is created to help blind and visually impaired people by identifying the objects around them. Thanks to AI, Lookout speaks items as it detects, making it easy to focus on daily tasks and easily navigate without obstacles.

Google has launched a new app called Lookout, which is created to give the visually impaired verbal information about their surroundings, using artificial intelligence technology. It also functions in the same way as Lens - receiving information and providing feedback based on what is captured on the device's rear camera.

To give you an example, Lookout can be most helpful when someone with impaired vision enters a new space.

Announced at last year's I/O, Lookout is finally available for users to try out.

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As the app uses artificial intelligence to determine the surroundings of the user, Clary says "Lookout will not always be 100 percent perfect", and that the app "detects items in the scene and takes a best guess at what they are, reporting this to you". We're guessing it will all depend on how the app is received by Pixel 1, 2, and 3 users, whose feedback is specifically requested. For now, you can download it on the Play Store, or manually grab it from APK Mirror if you don't live in the U.S. or don't have a Pixel and want to try it out. Google Lookout joins the company's growing list of accessibility apps.

The search engine giant previously stressed the importance of designing for accessibility, and has released various accessibility apps to improve the user experience for people with disability as of late.

Live Transcribe, like its namesake, uses a phone's microphone to automatically transcribe real-world speech into captions in real-time. Google says that it has been working on the app since it was unveiled past year.

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