How To Enable Google Chrome's Fabulous New Dark Mode

Chrome's dark mode is all class

Chrome's dark mode is all class

Google said that it was working on dark mode for the Mac version of Chrome last month, and the release has just landed that makes everything work just as the company said.

With the release of Chrome 73 on Tuesday, the browser now natively supports the dark mode long offered in macOS Mojave. You also have the option to turn the mode on permanently if you want to use it for Chrome but keep your device's operating system on the default "light" theme. While these updates normally cover security fixes, system-level changes, and new tools for developers, Chrome 73 also includes a handful of new features for general users as well - including the much-requested Dark Mode - although their availability will be different depending on the platform you're using. Additionally, features like cross-platform tab sharing are now under testing. In addition to this, the Chrome Lite Pages now work with secure websites apart from the regular ones.

When a phone has a particular problem loading a web page, the Lite version is shown instead, and Chrome displays a notification in the URL bar to let users know. Fortunately, Chrome 73 has no such issues; you can visit sites like Facebook, Twitter and others and each webpage will still appear in a complete dark mode.

Light mode
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On launching the browser you should be able to see the dark version of the browser. For some users, the feature seemed turned on automatically when the Beta 1 firmware was installed while others - including Pixel users at Android Headlines - noted that the setting to activate it or deactivate it was nowhere to be found.

The Android and Chrome OS versions of Chrome 73 are also expected to launch soon, though you can check out the new features early by downloading the Chrome beta.

Chrome 73.0.3683.75 is now available for download for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

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