Judge Refuses to Lower R. Kelly's Child Support Payments

R. Kelly Bond Hearing Held In Sexual Assault Case

R. Kelly Bond Hearing Held In Sexual Assault Case

They also support Kelly's claim that their parents' concern is not out of their safety but to extort money from Kelly for giving him their daughters.

They repeated the story about Azriel meeting with Kelly at a hotel without their permission- three days after their initial introduction.

According to Clary's parents, Kelly was supposed to help Azriel Clary launch her music career when they were first introduced in 2015.

"How stupid would it be for me, with my insane past and what I've been through - oh right, now I just think I need to be monster, and hold girls against their will, chain them up in my basement, and don't let them eat, don't let them out, unless they need some shoes down the street from their uncle!" he told King before shouting, "I didn't do this stuff!" So guess what? We can take responsibility.

"What she said was, this was an audition", Angelo said, recounting what Azriel said to them.

Kelly's publicist, Darryll Johnson, said Kelly has no assets to sell, reports CBS Chicago. They said they've learned since then that his real interest, in their words, was more sinister. They go get makeup, they shop, they eat, without bodyguards, on their own, all day, every day. They are sure as heck wouldn't be checking the cameras to see if they're rolling before another outburst.

Johnson said he sees Clary and Savage almost every day, and has not seen anything suspicious. I was. I met him after he married Aaliyah.

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"I just don't understand it and I'm so anxious about them. I should have saw the change in my baby girl". He also alleged that both Jocelyn and Azriel were told they had to meet at a remote location and they don't want to do that. The concerned mother went not to claim "trashing their parents" was one way. "So it's not going to have to be attended by law enforcement, and it's not going to have to be attended by a psychologist, and it's not going to have to be attended - with all due respect - by the media", he added. "You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out", the "I Believe I Can Fly" signer's attorney Steve Greenberg told reporters.

Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi later clarified the anonymous call came from California. The alleged abuse goes back 20 years, spanning from 1998 to 2010.

He has pleaded not guilty to those charges, and is now free on $100,000 (£76,200) bail.

However, Clary's parents released a statement via their attorney on March 7, claiming their daughter 'is presently suffering from years of mental abuse and manipulation by R. Kelly, ' and denied the allegations made against them.

If you are anxious about your or someone else's mental health, the best place to get help is your GP or local mental health provider.

During his interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning last week, the disgraced singer said he only had about $350,000 in his bank account.

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