Kelly free to roam the streets after being released from Chicago jail

Valencia Love, 47, of Romeoville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, posted the $100,000 cash bond on Monday that facilitated Kelly's released from a Cook County jail, where he had spent three nights, according to bond slips obtained by ABC News.

At a court hearing Monday, Kelly's case was assigned to Cook County Associate Judge Lawrence Flood, who will preside over the trial. The release came hours after Kelly's attorney had stated that his client is struggling financially and reports emerged that he owes thousands in child support and rent.

The mystery woman who posted R. Kelly's bond, freeing the R&B star from jail on multiple charges of sexually assaulting young girls, has identified herself as a "good friend" of the singer. The documents show Robert Kelly needed to move out on or before January 21, but Kelly was still at the studio minutes before he turned himself in to police on Friday night.

In order to be released Kelly had to pay 10 percent of his $1 million bond. "He (Rkelly) told me he was innocent, if he did it he is wrong".

'In response to press enquiries, I can confirm that the video we provided to prosecutors yesterday includes R Kelly clearly stating the following to the victim (sometimes on multiple occasions): Give me that 14-year-old p***y, show daddy that 14-year-old p***y, spread those legs and show me that 14-year-old p***y, give me that 14-year-old booty hole, ' wrote Avenatti.

"The conduct in the tape can be described as nothing short of outrageous and illegal", the lawyer told reporters.

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Avenatti says that in addition to the three alleged Kelly victims - two of whom he says are included in the indictment handed down against the recording artist last week - he represents two whistleblowers and two parents "in the R. Kelly matter".

He was ordered to return to court on March 22.

In 2008, Kelly was acquitted on similar charges surrounding child pornography.

If convicted on the latest charges, Kelly could face up to 70 years in prison.

"I felt like I had to be transparent and vocal about what happened to me, to save others", Martinez said when asked by journalists in Los Angeles why she came forward.

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