Michael Jackson songs dropped from BBC2 Playlist

Michael Jackson's public statement was carried live on CNN in 1993

Michael Jackson's public statement was carried live on CNN in 1993

Whether people believe Michael Jackson was a pedophile will be up to the individual, but it is clear that Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck shared very compelling accounts of abuse in Leaving Neverland. Safechuck stated, "He said I am going to purchase this house". He claims that on the tour, Jackson taught him to masturbate.

One livid fan even suggested the Jackson estate should pursue legal action in the wake of the documentary and its allegations. Others, such as writer Peter Sagal, mused how some of Jackson's fans would defend his sexual relations with children before defending President Donald Trump's locker room talk about women.

Former child star Amber Tamblyn, who rose to fame on USA soap General Hospital, added her voice to the ranks of those condemning the "slippery, dangerous, often abusive slope" that can arise from children being put in vulnerable positions. He called every day, for two years, ' he says.

The Daily Mail reports that Robson, 36, who later became a successful choreographer for N*Sync and Britney Spears, originally met Jackson after winning a dance competition in Australia and tickets to Jackson's show in Melbourne, where Jackson put him on stage when he came to the show again on the second night. It is much bigger than any one person. The relative austerity of Reed's filmmaking choices blends into how Robson and Safechuck construct their own narratives on camera: Both describe their alleged abuse in a graphic, clinical manner that's shocking for its matter-of-fact delivery.

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He added that Jackson used to lavish him with jewelry in return for "doing sexual acts to him".

In the documentary Robson recounted his experience to the camera, saying: "I was seven-years-old".

Complicating their narrative is the fact that both testified on Jackson's behalf in child-molestation trials - and, after his death, unsuccessfully sued his estate.

The legalities of what will transpire from the HBO documentary remain to be seen.

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