Motorola's Foldable Cellphone is Certainly a Razr-Like Clamshell

Motorola's Foldable Cellphone is Certainly a Razr-Like Clamshell

Motorola's Foldable Cellphone is Certainly a Razr-Like Clamshell

Several leading OEMs have already announced their foldable phones while others are planning to introduce them soon.

The Motorola foldable smartphone, according to a Wall Street Journal report published earlier this year, will be a spiritual successor to the iconic Motorola RAZR V3.

This is not the first time when we are getting the resurrection information concerning the Moto Razr. INR 1,05,096). Later, The Verge published a report based on the registration with the World Intellectual Property Organisation showing off the design of the Razr phone design in works. The usefulness of the secondary display, which can be used when the gadget is closed has been confined by Motorola to just give clients a chance to cooperate with applications like Moto Display, Moto Actions, and the Moto Camera.

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Adding fuel to the fire of rumors about a new foldable RAZR phone, XDA Developers recently confirmed that Motorola is indeed making a smartphone that will feature two displays. However whereas Samsung is pushing the idea of its external display as doing everything a regular Android phone could, Motorola's will apparently be more limited.

One final addition comes in the personalization area - Motorola RAZR owners should be able to select a separate wallpaper for the smaller display. Indeed, Motorola has restricted which apps can "access display on flip", according to our source. There are only a few functions that will run on closed display. The secondary display will be able to display six quick settings tiles, and it is yet unknown whether the company will allow you to scroll through more than six, but those six quick settings tiles will be able to fit that display. We've seen some schematics of what it might look like and now we have more details about the software features. A simple tap on the display will take a photo as you will be facing the only camera - on the outside of the clamshell - towards you. When taking selfies with the primary camera, the primary display would be pointed away from you. A countdown timer can also be shown through the dual screen. This device will also be supporting Google assistant which can be accessed even when the phone is closed. Depending on their chosen settings, saying the command will either display the animation on the second display directly or prompt users to "flip open to unlock". Furthermore, when the user is browsing through a webpage, when the device is unfolded, the user could use the second display to scroll which will be acting as a trackpad.

We hoped, we prayed, and it seems the universe listened (for once).

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