Mount Everest's melting glaciers expose bodies of long-lost climbers

Melting Mount Everest Ice Is Exposing a Grisly Sight Scores of Dead Bodies

Melting Mount Everest Ice Is Exposing a Grisly Sight Scores of Dead Bodies

Glaciers on Everest and other regions of the melt and on the surface appear to be a dead body, as well as bacteria and viruses that cause risky diseases.

Authorities are starting to remove the exposed bodies on the Chinese side of the mountain range, and efforts are picking up as spring arrives.

What's more, "most climbers like to be left on the mountains if they died" there, Alan Arnette, a mountaineer told the BBC. The majority of bodies are believed to have remained buried under glaciers or snow.

So, on the Everest expedition are beginning to discover the bodies of climbers who tried to climb a mountain.

"Since 2008 my own company has brought down seven dead bodies of some mountaineers, some dating back to a British expedition in the 1970s".

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Most of the dead bodies are turning up at the Khumbu Icefall, one of the most risky spots on the mountain. This has made it hard to remove some bodies from higher elevations.

It is unclear how many deceased individuals have been removed from the mountain so far, but government officials said that the number of exposed bodies has steadily increased over the years. A study in 2015 revealed that ponds on the Khumbu glacier, which are crossed by climbers as they attempt to reach the summit, were expanding and joining up because of accelerated melting.

Nepal's army drained the Imja lake near Mount Everest in 2016 after its water from rapid glacial melt had reached unsafe levels.

"Due to global warming ice sheets and glaciers are melting fast".

The ice recorded a minimum temperature of only -3.3C, with even the coldest ice being a full 2C warmer than the mean annual air temperature.

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