NASA release LAST BREATHTAKING image from dead Mars rover Opportunity

NASA           Opportunity's Last Panorama

NASA Opportunity's Last Panorama

"The [below] image is a cropped version of the last 360-degree panorama taken by the Opportunity rover's Panoramic Camera (Pancam) from May 13 through June 10, 2018". Located on the western rim of Endeavour Crater, this valley spans roughly 600 feet (182 meters) and contains many shallow channels sloping down from the crater's rim to its floor.

You can view the finer details of the huge panorama at NASA's JPL website.

"This final panorama embodies what made our Opportunity rover such a remarkable mission of exploration and discovery", John Callas of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said in a statement describing the image. In the immediate foreground just left of center you can see a rocky outcrop that the vehicle had been investigating using its robotic arm in its final days. It shows a number of interesting features of Perseverance Valley, in addition to the pristine, unexplored floor of Endurance Crater.

After eight months of effort and sending more than a thousand commands in an attempt to restore contact with the rover, NASA declared Opportunity's mission complete on February 13, 2019.

NASA's Mars Opportunity rover is dead, having been swallowed up and spat out by a colossal dust storm on the planet a year ago. Opportunity took the photos on June 10, 2018. These images were assembled by NASA and published this week as Opportunity's "parting shot".

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NASA launched the Opportunity rover as part of its Mars Exploration Rover program in 2004. Together, the two robots began a planned 90-Earth-day hunt for signs of liquid water activity.

The trailblazing mission ended after almost 15 years of exploring the surface of Mars, but its legacy will live on. Over almost 15 years, it traversed more than 28 miles of Red Planet before ultimately meeting its end during a planet-wide snowstorm last June.

Spirit and Opportunity both far outlasted their warranties. It also holds the record for the machine that traveled the most on an alien world, 28 miles (45 kilometers).

And it took quite a storm to knock Oppy out; the maelstrom eventually grew to encircle the entire planet.

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