No deal Brexit will bring 0% temporary tariffs on bicycle goods

An anti Brexit protester at Westminster London

An anti Brexit protester at Westminster London

The Irish government's no-deal contingency document, published last month, refrained from stating what might happen at the border in a no-deal scenario.

ING economist James Smith told Euronews that a new United Kingdom tariff regime would have to be offset against the likely cost from a fall in the pound and market turmoil, in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The UK will not introduce any new checks or controls on goods moving across the land border into Northern Ireland if the UK leaves the European Union without a deal, it has been announced.

The government said it would not apply a tariff regime and customs border on goods transiting across the land border from Ireland to Northern Ireland but admitted that this created a "potential for exploitation" if those goods are then transported across the sea to mainland Britain for sale.

"I sincerely hope that this is a provocative attempt to persuade MPs to vote against a no-deal scenario when they are asked over the next 24 hours in Westminster", Mr McConalogue said. Based on the announcement, the BA has initially said that the zero tariff appears to apply to all conventional bicycles, parts and accessories, aside from e-bikes and speed pedelecs.

"The EU will obviously have to respond to the plans to allow goods to travel freely between the Republic and Northern Ireland in the short term and the Irish government will have to elaborate on their own plans to respond to this plan".

He said the Ulster Farmer's Union objected to zero tariffs on goods moving between Ireland and Northern Ireland, since it is "unlikely the EU would offer the same zero tariff to Northern Ireland or the United Kingdom as a whole". VAT registered businesses would continue to account for VAT on their normal VAT returns.

Small businesses trading across the border will be able to report Value-Added Tax online without any new processes at the border.

British prime minister Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street London
British prime minister Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street London

The new system would mean 82 percent of imports from the European Union would be tariff-free, down from all of them now, while 92 percent of imports from the rest of the world would pay no duties at the border, up from 56 percent now.

The statement said: "To protect human, animal and plant health, animals and animal products from countries outside the EU would need to enter Northern Ireland through a designated entry point, regulated plant material from outside the EU and high risk EU plant material will require certification and pre-notification before arriving in the UK".

There will be new United Kingdom import requirements such as document checks and registration for a small number of goods such as endangered species and hazardous chemicals which are subject to worldwide agreements. This would not involve any infrastructure or checks at the border including in Northern Ireland.

These unilateral measures only mitigate the impacts of exit that are within the UK Government's control.

United Kingdom businesses would not pay customs duties on the majority of goods when importing into the nation.

The government will lay the appropriate legislation in light of the outcome of the vote on no deal today.

"We welcome the decision that there would be a temporary suspension of tariffs on wine and most spirits under no deal, which the WSTA called for earlier this year". The measures announced today recognise the unique circumstances of Northern Ireland.

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