Republicans deny mocking victims with pearls

Dems gun control groups insist lawmakers 'mocking' them by wearing pearls to hearing

Dems gun control groups insist lawmakers 'mocking' them by wearing pearls to hearing

The Insider reports that Moms Demand members attended legislative hearings Tuesday in support of gun confiscation laws.

"Those pearls or plastic white beads, if you will, were something that the Women's Defense League came up with about a month ago because they have for over two years been mocking Moms Demand Action and calling members of Moms Demand Action "pearl-clutchers" and accusing them of false outrage whenever they are calling attention to the epidemic of gun violence in our country", she continued.

Kimberly Morin, president of the pro-gun Women's Defense League of New Hampshire, told the New Hampshire Union Leader that her group has worn pearls to gun-related hearings since 2016.

"These lawmakers were wearing (pins of) semiautomatic rifles on their lapels as well as pearl necklaces, which they know to be symbols of opposition to Moms Demand Action", Watts said.

The group presented Gov. Chris Sununu with pearls after he signed the concealed carry bill into law, The Union Leader added.

The hearing was on House Bill 687, a "red flag" gun law that would allow family and law enforcement to petition a court to temporarily confiscate firearms from people who "pose an immediate risk of harm to themselves or others".

However, two US senators running to be the Democratic nominee for president said the Republicans' jewelry went too far.

"It really is shameful to behave that way when your constituents are being fearless enough to share their stories", said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, in an interview.

The three lawmakers clearly identifiable in her pictures, Representatives Daryl Abbas, Scott Wallace and David Welch, are all Republicans.

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A handful of male lawmakers wore pearl necklaces as activists testified about their experiences with gun violence.

State conservatives, however, say the lawmakers were supporting women's rights to arm themselves for defense.

"These men are supporting women and supporting women who support actual women's rights". "So we've been wearing pearls in defense of women's rights and the Women's Defense League since then, because we are moms just like they are only on different sides". "Sorry, they were not the reason we had them on".

Photos posted on social media show several male Republicans wearing pearls during the hearing.

Neither The Women's Defense League of New Hampshire nor Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America immediately responded to PEOPLE's request for comment. She wrote that she felt the pearls were to "mock" her group's volunteers and other advocates for gun reform. "It seems like a pretty foolish choice". "They showed they were not coming to this hearing with an open mind, and they were making light of survivors who were testifying on the suicide of a child, or women who were survivors of domestic abuse".

Some 2020 Democratic hopefuls weighed in on the issue as well.

Watts rejected the Republicans' explanation and told the Union Leader that "these lawmakers chose to wear symbols that essentially mocked the process".

"Moms who want to keep their kids safe from gun violence don't deserve this", Senator Cory Booker, Democrat, said. Kamala Harris of California. "They don't deserve to be mocked".

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