Solar storm could make Northern Lights visible in Cleveland area this weekend

A Geostorm Will Give Residents in the Northern US a Rare Chance to See the Aurora Borealis

A Geostorm Will Give Residents in the Northern US a Rare Chance to See the Aurora Borealis

The National Weather Service Space Weather Prediction Center has a "moderate geomagnetic storm watch" in effect for March 23 and says the Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, could be visible as far south as southern IL and Indiana.

Scientists aren't sure exactly what time the CME will reach Earth.

Other parts of the USA, including Chicago and Detroit, might not be able to watch northern lights in its full glory since they will only be seeing the horizon.

In case you're wondering what the aurora is, it's basically a light show in the sky due to the Collison between charged particles from the sun and the atmospheric particles which result in gases which in turn reflect various colours.

NOAA, an American agency that monitors the atmosphere, said the Northern Lights could be visible as far south as MI and Wisconsin in the United States.

On March 20, a solar flare erupted which is scheduled to hit Earth this Friday night.

Map of aurora
A map shows the potential for sightings of the Aurora Borealis over the weekend in the United States

Aurora named Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement aka STEVE.

To see the northern lights, you'll need a good view of the northern horizon.

Pale green and pink are the most common colors. Northern Lights Typically, the auroras can be seen in the northern and southern hemisphere.

Footage of the spectacle was captured by an enthusiast from Rovaniemi who said the auroras were the strongest they had been in months.

The northern lights don't have a "start time" per se, they will be visible as soon as the sun sets down and the sky is dark.

Those lucky enough to be in the area were able to see the aurora borealis light up the night sky.

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