SpaceX Capsule Settles With ISS- No Robotic Hand Needed

Content image- Phnom Penh Post

Content image- Phnom Penh Post

In the future, cosmonauts and astronauts will be able to fly aboard both Russia's Soyuz and USA spacecraft.

Soon after, the company of star entrepreneur Elon Musk hailed the successful arrival on Twitter as "a first for a commercially built and operated spacecraft designed for crew!" If this test which has been titled "demo-1" is successful we could see two NASA astronauts make the trip sometime this summer.

SpaceX recently launched its Crew Dragon astronaut capsule with the help of its Falcon 9 rocket. It will be slowed by four parachutes, in what is the one of the mission's riskiest stages.The launch is a key step towards resuming manned space flights from United States soil after an eight-year break.

From blast-off at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Saturday to contact Sunday, the flight took 27 hours. It's a handsome photo that ties together all the pieces of the mission: Earth, Crew Dragon and the ISS.

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The next flight test for the Commercial Crew Program is the Boeing Orbital Flight Test and the Boeing Pad Abort Test both planned for the spring, according to NASA. After 11 minutes of launch, the vehicle separated from the rocket.

CNN noted that the profitable docking process was a primary for SpaceX, which has already run Dragon 1 capsule cargo missions to the ISS however beforehand relied on the station's robotic arm to seize that craft and manually drag it to the docking port. It was the first time a spacecraft has docked with the adapter since it was installed in August 2016.

The capsule was unmanned but carried a dummy called Ripley fitted with all sorts of sensors to measure the effects the launch would have had on humans inside and some supplies. The spacecraft is expected to undock on March 8 and splash down in the Atlantic Ocean after its descent by the parachute.

SpaceX tested their systems even as they prepared to dock, moving in close and then backing up again to prove their reliability. "I know you heard the applause and all the clapping that went along with the accomplishment today and so it's just one more milestone that gets us ready for our flight coming up here". The space shuttle is more than 40 years old and is now out of action.

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