Things We Learned from Bernie Sanders on The Breakfast Club

NEW YORK NEW YORK- MARCH 02 Democratic Presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks to supporters at Brooklyn College

NEW YORK NEW YORK- MARCH 02 Democratic Presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks to supporters at Brooklyn College

But the rallies will let him begin to fill out his public image, a recognition of the need to expand his base of support in a 2020 Democratic presidential campaign that already includes a crowded and diverse field of contenders, including five of his fellow senators. The first was held at Brooklyn College in New York City Saturday afternoon, also attended by many thousands. I know where I came from. Those areas have never been issues for me.

While he did not mention Senator Sanders explicitly in the two-hour speech, Mr Trump railed against the policies of "socialism" in a continued attempt to portray Democrats as out of touch with ordinary Americans.

"Though we said at the beginning of the Town Hall that the audience was made up of Democrats and Independents, we should have more fully identified any political affiliations", the network said in a statement.

The Brooklyn native recalled his childhood living in a rent-controlled apartment as the son of a Polish immigrant who came to the United States without a nickel, saying this experience has well connected him with today's lower class.

"We will no longer tolerate 46 percent of all new income going to the very richest people in this country", said Sen.

He kicked off the campaign in Brooklyn - his birthplace. "When they refused, we staged one of the first-ever civil rights sit-ins in the north", Sanders said, later adding that he sees what he did as far less significant than the risky activism civil rights advocates undertook in the south.

From government control of healthcare to federally-mandated wages and attacks against Amazon and Google for making too much money, Sanders echoed communist leaders of the past in chastising wealth and the elite and Democrats are eating it up.

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The Chicago speech Sunday evening marks the 77-year-old Sanders's second attempt at winning the Democratic nomination for president, after he won 23 primaries in the 2016 campaign.

He labels himself a Democratic socialist, which he has defined as someone who seeks to "create an economy that works for all, not just the very wealthy".

Sanders has always used demagogic phrases to hide the class content of the issues that he very tentatively raises, and to disguise the central issue facing working people: the need to break with capitalist politics, including the Democratic Party, and build a mass independent political movement to fight the profit system. "Do you think you'll do the same?" asked The View's Meghan McCain. "This is hopeful. People come and they hear what's broken, that we can fix it and that we do it together".

But for his second White House run, he's trying to showcase more of his personal story.

"Legislation that, uh, benefits African-Americans yeah we passed but not specifically you know we passed legislation that benefits working people sure", Sanders responded.

Sanders said he became involved at that time with the Congress on Racial Equality, or CORE, and helped fight segregated housing at the University of Chicago. He ultimately lost the Democratic nomination, but said he hoped to build on the groundswell of support he held during his first run. "We will not concede a single state to Donald Trump".

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