United Kingdom minister sees Conservative support for Brexit customs union plan - ITV reporter

United Kingdom minister sees Conservative support for Brexit customs union plan - ITV reporter

United Kingdom minister sees Conservative support for Brexit customs union plan - ITV reporter

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas added: "We are running out of time to prevent a disorderly Brexit".

"Brexiteers" in May's party oppose the deal because they believe it does not go far enough in severing ties with Brussels, while "Remainers" want closer ties with the European Union, like Norway or Switzerland.

But government sources have not ruled out a run-off between whichever proves most popular and the PM's Brexit plan.

"The House has been clear, this deal now has to change", he said.

"The implications of the House's decision are great", May told MPs after the announcement of the devastating result, suggesting that this should be "a matter of profound regret" for every member of the chamber.

Nigel Farage has called the day the United Kingdom was due to leave the European Union a "day of betrayal, a day of shame".

Thousands gathered outside Parliament to protest against the delay, bringing traffic to a standstill.

I've got to hand it to our British friends across the sea: at a point where America seemingly couldn't embarrass itself any more, the Brits chose to show everyone who the true crumbling empire is with a hilariously terrifying series of failed Brexit votes.

"This must be the final defeat for Theresa May's deal".

But her approach to the endgame, refusing to accept MPs' trenchant opposition to her divorce deal and delaying Brexit to keep trying, has prompted frustration and anger on all sides. In so doing the prime minister also has a fundamental choice to make.

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But maybe soon it will be her leadership, her deal, that has passed its limits.

A letter signed by 170 of the 314 Conservative lawmakers in Parliament, including 10 Cabinet ministers, was sent to Mrs May after her Brexit deal was rejected for a third time by the House of Commons on Friday (March 29), the newspaper reported.

Downing Street later said this was not an "inevitability" but Justice Minister Rory Stewart told BBC Newsnight Friday's vote had been "the last chance" to avoid that. She made the offer to win over members of her Conservative Party who support a more decisive break with the European Union than her deal offers.

"Right now sitting in Canada, watching these political situations arise, I'm just pleased I'm in Canada", says Steve Scanlan, an expat who now lives in Duncan.

But others refused, including May's Northern Irish allies, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which says planned arrangements for the Irish border after Brexit are unacceptable. "That's how strongly I feel about the Union".

"The prime minister has run out of the road". Get our country back and deliver what we promised.

European leaders are certainly preparing for this eventuality. To no one's surprise, parliament yesterday voted yet again to reject Theresa May's Brexit deal.

The backstop and the Irish border issue has plagued the Brexit negotiations for the past year, while European Union member states are still in the dark about how the bloc would enforce rules to keep the single market intact in case of a no deal. They now believe it to be a very real prospect.

Brexit was a yes or no public referendum in 2016 on a wildly complicated trade agreement, and the ensuing infinity vehicle pileup in British Parliament was the only logical conclusion of the attempt to distill complex policy matters into a binary option (and let's be real, like Trump's election here, Brexit won because it gave people the opportunity to bask in their racism under the guise of a false immigration panic).

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