Vet shoots, wounds doctor at Florida VA hospital

Vet shoots, wounds doctor at Florida VA hospital

Vet shoots, wounds doctor at Florida VA hospital

The doctor, who has not been identified, was seated at the doctors' station when a technician ran in and alerted the staff that a patient had a gun. Authorities didn't immediately release his identity.

The wounded doctor, whom Fleck called "very courageous", was able to jump on the patient in between fired rounds and disarm him before more shots were fired.

As the doctor and Bon struggled over the weapon, Bon fired about three more shots.

It was later discovered that a second employee at the hospital was struck in the buttocks by one of the fired rounds.

She was backed against a wall as Bon, who had apparently fallen off of his scooter, crawled toward her. As Bon crawled toward her, she held the gun over her head and used a chair to protect herself from him before tossing it away.

The doctor was eventually able to disarm him, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

An incident has occurred this evening at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center.

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I hope I speak for every veteran reading this article when I say violence against any VA employee is not the answer. He then charged at the suspect and tried to disarm him. "Security measures at the West Palm Beach VAMC are consistent with health care industry standards".

Federal law mostly prohibits guns in federal facilities, Rutan said.

The VA issued a statement to Fox News that the injured doctor had been released from the hospital and "is doing well".

Veterans hospitals are not immune from gun violence: A scan of headlines shows at least six instances in the past four years when armed men tried to hurt themselves or others at hospitals in California, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee and Arizona.

The suspect, 59-year-old Larry Ray Bon, is from MI but recently was living in the West Palm Beach area, according to Fleck.

Bon was found to be indigent during a court appearance Thursday.

If found guilty, he could face a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. A hearing on his detention and mental competency was scheduled March 7.

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