BBM to shut down May

BlackBerry messenger

BlackBerry messenger

Emtek has announced that BBM service for consumers will be closing down on 31st May 2019. While BBM - née BlackBerry Messenger - may have once been the glue that kept BlackBerry users addicted to their phones, in recent years more capable rivals have stolen market share.

Great for diehard keyboard fans, hard to handle for everyone else BlackBerry's second Android phone launched this year starts at $399, making it much less than the iPhone XS or the Samsung Galaxy Note9. In 2016, Emtek acquired the licensing rights to BBM in the hopes of turning the service around. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, most users have moved on to other platforms. Now, in a bit of surprising news, Emtek has announced their decision to end service of BBM for consumers on May 31, 2019.

At that point, BBM won't open on any device.

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But it was quickly eclipsed by services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and many others, as BlackBerry's lost dominance in smartphones trickled down to BBM. In addition to the Android, and iOS versions, BBMe is also available on Windows and Mac and offers numerous features BBM consumers are already familiar with such as group chats, voice calls, video calls, as well as the edit, retract and expiring message options. Now, it's opening that up to individual users.

Blackberry said users' data such as photos, videos and files will be available for download before the app is shut down at the end of May. The enterprise-grade messaging platform with end-to-end encryption will be available for free for the first year.

While it's easy to assume that BBM has had its day, there are still some reasons why - in this time of shaky messaging privacy - users might want to consider BBMe. Additionally, TLS encryption between the device and BlackBerry's infrastructure protects BBMe messages from eavesdropping or manipulation.

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