British Woman Arrested In Dubai Over "Horse" Comment On Ex-Husband's Wife

The woman identified as Laleh Shahravesh (55), a resident in Richmond, London.

A British woman has been detained in Dubai for allegedly insulting her ex-husband's wife in Facebook comments made nearly three years ago, the BBC reports.

She posted two comments in Farsi, including one that said: "I hope you go under the ground you idiot".

The mother-of-one discovered her ex-husband was remarrying when she saw photos of the new couple on Facebook.

She faces up to two years in jail and a fine of £50,000 for two Facebook posts she made while living in the United Kingdom in 2016, according to the Detained In Dubai campaign group.

The group says they had been visiting Dubai for her ex-husband's funeral after he died from a heart attack on March 3. "Damn you." She then made a disparaging remark about her ex-husband's new wife.

Under the cybercrime laws of the desert kingdom, someone can be jailed for making defamatory comments online, even if they were not in the country at the time.

Dubai Police detained her in the United Arab Emirates last month with her 14-year-old daughter Paris at the Dubai airport.

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The organisation said Ms Shahravesh's ex-husband's new wife, who lives in Dubai, reported the comments.

The spokesman added: "We are in contact with the UAE authorities regarding her case".

They were held for 12 hours before Ms Shahravesh's passport was seized, Detained In Dubai said.

Radha Stirling, the CEO of Detained In Dubai, told the BBC that Shahravesh was "absolutely distraught" and that her daughter was going through "what you would call hell".

"I have spoken with Laleh, her mother, sisters and daughter Paris", she said.

The FCO said in a statement: "Our staff are supporting a British woman and her family following her detention in the UAE".

"When the UAE introduced cybercrime laws, it rendered nearly every visitor to the country a criminal".

"We are so close, especially since her father left us and we only have each other".

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