‘Castlevania Anniversary Collection’ Lineup Includes These Eight Titles

‘Castlevania Anniversary Collection’ Lineup Includes These Eight Titles

‘Castlevania Anniversary Collection’ Lineup Includes These Eight Titles

About a month out from its release, Konami has finally revealed the full lineup for the first Castlevania Anniversary Collection.

Castlevania Bloodlines: Released over 25 years ago, Castlevania Bloodlines has been a sought-after classic by retro game collectors worldwide and now will be playable on a PlayStation console for the first time ever.

Simon's Quest evolved the gameplay from the original Castlevania, encouraging players to explore Transylvania in search for the scattered pieces of Dracula's body. The franchise continued through the 1990s with Castlevania Bloodlines, known for its faster pace and powered-up weapons, departing from the main Belmont clan following blood relative John Morris.

"The Adventure" was the first game in the series made for handheld devices as it settled in on the Game Boy in 1989.

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The latest titles to be revealed include "Castlevania: The Adventure", "Castlevania II: Simon's Quest", "Castlevania Bloodlines", and "Kid Dracula".

Kid Dracula: Kid Dracula is a rare gem in the Castlevania Anniversary Collection.

The collection bundles eight classics across a variety of different platforms like NES, SNES and Game Boy, and includes some surprises.

We expect the release date for Castlevania Anniversary Collection on Switch to be roughly the same as other formats, so hopefully, we'll see this impressive collection on the Switch on 16th May. Now a new generation can experience the original Dark Souls of NES gaming with the Castlevania Anniversary Collection.

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