Elon Musk Is Trolling Jeff Bezos

Elon Musk Is Trolling Jeff Bezos

Elon Musk Is Trolling Jeff Bezos

Last week, Amazon revealed in a set of filings to the International Telecommunications Union that it has planned an ambitious space project that will provide high-speed internet through a constellation of thousands of satellites in low Earth orbit.

But this isn't the first time that Musk has hit at Bezos in his venture into space.

The billionaire Tesla boss - who also runs the private rocket company SpaceX - took to Twitter on Wednesday to blast a plan by Bezos' rocket startup Blue Origin to launch a network of 3,000 internet satellites. Matter of fact, Musk showed his displeasure by throwing a cat emoji Bezos's way on Twitter.

Launching a constellation of satellites to provide broadband access to under-served communities is something Musk did in 2018 - when SpaceX launched Starlink, which involves almost 12,000 satellites. Badyal led Musk's Starlink project.

If Elon Musk sounds annoyed, it's probably because Jeff Bezos recently hired Rajeev Badyal - the former vice president of satellites at SpaceX.

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For Musk, life on Mars would start with a single outpost: "Build up the base, starting with one ship, then multiple ships, then start building out the city, then making the city bigger, and even bigger".

Amazon's Project Kuiper is basically the same idea but on a much smaller scale, with only 3,236 satellites planned.

The fur is flying in the broadband internet satellite race. Now Wyler's OneWeb is competing with SpaceX as well as Amazon and other would-be broadband satellite operators.

Musk quickly responded, "Not quite 'rarest.' SpaceX Grasshopper rocket did six suborbital flights three years ago and is still around". That sparked a Twitter outcry from Musk and SpaceX's fans.

The Musk-Bezos feud has been going on for a while, with Musk taunting Bezos about the size of his rockets back in 2015. Three years ago, the pair got into a face-off about who was the first space entrepreneur to successfully launch a reusable rocket.

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