Huawei has secured 40 commercial 50 network contracts

An employee enters a train in the Huawei's Ox Horn campus at Songshan Lake in Dongguan Guangdong province China

An employee enters a train in the Huawei's Ox Horn campus at Songshan Lake in Dongguan Guangdong province China

"Competition in the Indian market is overheated", Ken said.

Though Huawei Technologies has repeatedly denied allegations of spying brought against it by the US, sources close to the matter reported that in the recent months, the Washington has been meeting allies and warning them that Huawei equipment are possibly being utilized by the Chinese government for espionage.

Suffolk, who was one of the highest-paid British civil servants before he left for Huawei in 2011, said America's allegations were motivated by politics and "certainly not security" concerns.

"They [the US] are belittling national security - national security is important and they shouldn't belittle it". "Whether it is because they genuinely believe Huawei are awful people or China is a bad country, [I] don't know", he said at an industry conference in Shenzhen on Tuesday.

"I'm waiting for Mike to come back and say we've banned the trouser belt from being made in China because it's a national security risk and armies can't fight with pants round their ankles", he said.

Currently, there was no evidence that Huawei posed any security risk. If you want to do verification, you are more than welcome to.

Huawei is, Suffolk says, open to testing and verification to prove its innocence, but suggests that a deep-seated technological ignorance from USA officials is a problem. We hope to see more changes in the Indian market.

Facebook working on voice assistant to compete with Alexa
The report further states that the effort is being led by Ira Snyder, who is the director of AR/VR and Facebook Assistant. The usefulness of the Google Assistant is at least partially based on how much Google knows about the user.

"That's why recently I had to explain it to them just like when I do to my kids", Zhou added.

"They should treat all vendors the same, so in essence the United Kingdom benefits from the best technology, regardless of the vendor, in a risk-managed way", he said.

Anyway, the USA was up in arms against Huawei for quite some time. According to reliable sources, the actively acting to limit Huawei from building its network and dominating the 5G telecommunications network space.

The US has even threatened to stop sharing intel with countries which allow Huawei to build 5G infrastructure.

While some nations, such as New Zealand and Australia, took the U.S. warnings at face value and banned Huawei from taking part in its national 5G network development, others were much more reluctant to follow the USA lead.

Huawei has been hit with numerous bans by the USA, and the country has encouraged others around the world to follow its lead. Several European nations indeed made their own assessment of the potential threat posed by the company's products and came to the conclusion that there was nothing to fear.

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