Kim Kardashian Explains How Her & Kanye West's Strange Sink Works

Kim Kardashian West says she ‘aced’ torts exam after revealing plans to become lawyer

Kim Kardashian West says she ‘aced’ torts exam after revealing plans to become lawyer

Kim Kardashian-West's recent house tour, which she gave while answering Vogue's "73 Questions" interview, raised quite a few additional questions from fans. Earlier this week, Twitter and social media were in utter confusion after a picture of a sink in Kanye and Kim Kardashian's home surfaced on the internet.

You could check out Kim and Kanye's fancy sinks below.

That's when things take an interesting turn, as the interviewer asks to have a look around and ventures in to the massive bathroom - where a sink vanity is seen to the left. "And there's a slit for the water, and it goes in". The sink itself appeared to have no basin but Kim took to Instagram to give fans a little lesson on how it works.

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Kardashian explained how Kanye designed the sinks with other designers, going through eight versions to arrive at what they have now.

So there you have it: The sink doesn't have a cover like we originally thought, but it does apparently slope down enough to be able to drain water, even without a visible basin.

After explaining how the entire ceiling is one big light box and how their enormous bathtub - which is in the center of the room and not connected to the huge wall of showers they also have - can fit all three of their kids (and probably herself as well), she finally gets to the sinks. Not only does it work, but you can also increase the water pressure and there's no backsplash and the water just makes it's way down the small drain.

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