Meteor falling from sky caught on camera near Tallahassee

Image Twitter  Abbadon21

Image Twitter Abbadon21

The most recent impact over Jacksonville was a bright fireball meteor seen by hundreds of people around 11:52 PM ET Saturday March 2019.

Another weather service office in Charleston, S.C., also shared the light that was detected from the fireball as it streaked across the sky.

The National Weather Service's Tallahassee forecast office tweeted images of the meteor showing up on a lightning map.

Bright meteors are only visible for a few seconds due to their fast speeds. It's unclear where the meteor landed. Much more spectacular were the videos shot by security cameras, dash cams and doorbell cams that quickly flooded the internet.

Meteor falling from sky caught on camera near Tallahassee

Residents in Georgia also reported seeing the flash.

"That meteor thing has me shook", said one Twitter user.

A whole array of eyewitnesses took to social media to share the rare sighting of what looked like a large green fireball plummeting from the sky in Florida's capital city of Tallahassee late last week. "I am thriving", posted another. Under some circumstances, as the debris enters the atmosphere, it creates a "shooting star" or meteor. Scientists estimate that about 48.5 tons (44,000 kilograms) of meteoritic material falls on Earth each day.

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